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So here is the premise, you have had a frustrating day at work and when you get home you decide you need a relaxing break. Why don't we book a holiday cottage in the country for a few days?
Obviously being biased, we think that is a great idea at any time of the year, but we would remind you of a couple of obvious things to consider first.
Cottage holiday breaks in the winter are of a different character than the summer. Whereas a small seaside town can one character on a hot balmy summer night, it may be quite different on a windy dark winter's night. A lot of holiday breaks are taken out of the summer season and some people love the feel of being cosy in a remote part of the country. If you want to explore the local area, there will be far less people in the winter, but the daylight hours will be less. Why not take a few books (or Kindle) with you and just relax. Visit the local restaurants and pubs without queueing or overcrowding.

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